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...the greatest of these is love...

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Do what makes you happy holy. Self LoveI believe we have the idea of loving ourselves so mixed up in our society. The grip of extreme “self is all that matters” mentality, destroying so many and so much without a hint of remorse, that type of self love is narcissistic and detestable.

Somewhat ironically, it’s through watching someone I love self destruct that God has taught me the importance of a healthy self love, and given me a passion for sharing what I’ve learned with others. He’s shown me how much more we can love Him and love others when we’re able to love ourselves as His creation- and how much more we’re able to accept love from others.

To see ourselves from His perspective and understand we are precious and treasured and that He stands outside of time and sees us as we are- beautiful and glorified as He created us to be- gives us the confidence in Him to love as He loves. And His love is sacrificial and unconditional and way beyond what we’re capable of on our own.

That me first mentality and do whatever makes you happy even if it destroys other people? That’s not the right way to love yourself.

I’m thinking it’s kind of like the two ways to judge– there is judging for discernment, judging truth. We’re supposed to do that. And then there’s judging to condemn. That’s the one that’s destructive to ourselves and everyone around us.

So same thing with self love. There’s loving ourselves in understanding who we are and whose we are, that He’s created us in His image and our core self is beautiful and we are so precious to Him. He considers us worthy and valuable. This is a good and necessary self love that helps us love Him and others better. Self Love & the Christian

And then there’s the nobody matters but me, I’m not responsible for anyone else, as long as I make me happy it’s all good and don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise self love. That’s the one that makes you want to vomit when you see it close up and personal. It’s so opposed to God’s unconditional love that it’s literally sickening.

When it comes down to it, the truth is that doing what makes you holy is the best path to happy- if by happy you mean true joy and satisfaction.








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