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LETTING GO ~ Lori Watson Stories
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This is one of the sad conditions of life, that experience is not transmissible. No man will learn from the suffering of another; he must suffer himself. ~James H. Aughey Letting Go postIt’s such deep sorrow to watch someone you love walk in darkness, blind to the suffering they cause themselves and others. To want to protect and comfort, even when attacked as the enemy.

But the lessons learned through suffering, the testing and growth of our faith, the revelation of who we really are and whose we really are- those are lessons we must learn ourselves.

Faith found in the dark means seeking in the dark. Hope found in the impossible means finding ourselves in impossible situations.

I’d give anything to share the intimacy I’ve found with God, the awe at how specifically He speaks to me, the peace and joy when I’m in His presence. There’s nothing, literally nothing, I want more than to see the one I love experience God in this way.

But this intimate knowing of God came from deep suffering, and maybe I have it all backward when I pray for mercy and protection from pain.

Lord, You know my heart and my deepest longings. I release the ones I love to You. Walk with them through the darkness and do whatever must be done to bring them to an intimate knowledge of You, of Your love.

Be the I AM they need. Thy will be done.


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