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AGAPE LOVE ~ Lori Watson Stories
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AGAPE LOVE Agape LoveAgape love does not come from a place of weakness.


It is not a blindness to offense and transgressions.


It is not “getting away with it”.


Agape love comes from a place of great strength: God’s strength in our weakness.


Agape is an unconditional love that recognizes the offense, the transgression, and consciously chooses to cover it with love- to love beyond it.


Agape love sees the beauty that is the person’s core self and responds to who they truly are, rather than to the rotting corpse they wear.


It is a love without fear, a love without condemnation.


It is how He loves us, and it is how we are to love ourselves and each other.


It is how we are to live love and loved.



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