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If your mind’s not wired for conformity, you’re an Irregular.

Are You an Irregular?

Irregular: Odd. Strange. Deviating from normal expectations. Self identify as a misfit? Diagnosed with some kind of label or acronym? You’re not alone in being different. Irregular Living provides practical encouragement and connection for those of us working toward Self Discovery and The Meant to Be- authentic voices brilliantly living our stories. It’s like mental health for misfits.

Who’s the Mind Behind the Madness?

I’m an Irregular. A weird writer encouraging other misfits to connect, encourage, and learn from each other’s stories- real or fiction. I’m also a wife, mom, writer, reader, homeschooler, tabletop gamer, and all around geek. Stories are my passion in whatever form they’re told; they connect people and remind us we’re not alone. I share fiction and reality of life with an Irregular mind right here at Lori Watson: Stories.

Like Steampunk/Dreampunk Fantasy?

Deviant Machinations tells the story of Meara Kelly, a 19th century Irish alchemist in a world where magic resides in the soul. We’re All Mad Here tells your story. Well, you as Alice anyway. You decide which Alice you are in this interactive absinthe fueled trip to Wonderland. Watson Irregulars offers creative encouragement through Story Worlds and Worlds in Story. It’s like life through the looking glass. 



Start Here LoriWatsonStories.comI’m super glad you’re here, you don’t even know.


Seriously. It’s like that time I showed up late for a gaming panel I was co-leading, threw open the door,  saw a room full of people, closed the door- and double checked that I was in the right place.


It always surprises me when someone’s interested in things I find interesting, especially in me talking about things I find interesting. I’m not an authority, I just obsess. I’ve perfected nothing but, possibly, imperfection. I’m not a hobbyist trendsetter or big name author. I’m just me.


do-not-push-lori-watson-storiesAnd I’m breaking all the “establish your authority” rules with this welcome. But I’ve never been overly fond of rules. (Anyone else not to be trusted with the big red button that says, “Do Not Push.”? You are my people.) What I am fond of is authenticity- discovering the core of who we are and learning how to live and love this person. (Oh, so many years lost trying to be someone I’m not.) And connection- belonging found with others who may be quite different from you but understand the displaced feeling of never quite meeting societies’ expectations. And then living it out in brilliance- not in an academic sense but as a light that draws others to our warmth. (Not here yet myself, still seeing too many people as flies. Zap.)


But my overall, never-lose-the-passion interest is stories. Writing, reading, watching, listening… My curiousity, my need to know how and why other people think and view the world, my own need to understand and be understood, is best satiated by stories. Your stories, my stories, real or fiction- stories is an obsession that doesn’t wane and this site is my way of sharing and encouraging you.


One site, two blogs. I hope you’ll stay awhile, say hello, share a little of your story, and get connected. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I’d love to get to know you, hear about your interests and struggles, and be able to encourage each other in a life that can go from comedy to tragedy and back again- sometimes in the space of a few hours.


Game Panel Audience LoriWatsonStories.comOh, and I was in the right room. Walked back in, asked them why they were all there, promised that my panel partner would be there in a minute, and then told the packed room the story of my awkward entrance. Great thing about a gaming panel? There were other Irregulars who laughed with me and encouraged me and we had a great panel. Probably my favorite so far.


  • Stories: Elements

    • PROTAGONISTS- Those who consider themselves irregulars.
    • ANTAGONISTS- Society’s expectations of well adjusted conformity.
    • CONFLICT- Minds not wired for conformity, simple answers, or shallow thinking. “The status is not quo.” (Whedon) ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Depression, etc.: labels for maladjusted minds learning to operate in an often alien world.
    • THEME- The struggle to grow into our true selves: to find our voice, to live our stories, to brilliantly “kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” (Jung)

“A story is a character arc- a personality making a progression from an emotional or psychological Point A to an emotional or psychological Point B… `{`it’s the`}` struggle to shed old behaviors or beliefs that have held him back from becoming his “true self”- the person he was always ‘meant to be’.” ~Libbie Hawkins