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We're All Mad Here. Fiction and reality from the misfit mind of Lori Watson- a weird writer encouraging other misfits to connect, encourage, and learn from each other’s stories, real or fiction. Embrace the Weird. (But not literally. Unless you receive consent. In which case, embrace away.) Creative and practical encouragement for irregular minds in a regular world. One site, two blogs. Watson Irregulars: MIsfit minds of speculative fiction and Irregular Living: Real life for the maladjusted mind.
Lori Watson, Stories, Irregulars, Fantasy, Steampunk, Fiction, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Depression, Mental Health, Self Discovery, The Meant to Be, Authenticity, Connection, Brilliance, Our Stories
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We are the


The awkward. The weird. The dreamers.

Pieces of ourselves can be found in stories of others, real or fiction, who battle their own minds as they stumble along the path of meant to be. This connection- this sense of belonging- can be a foundation from which we propel our own stories forward and find meaning in all our brilliant strangeness.

Real Life for the Maladjusted Mind

Misfit Minds of Speculative Fiction

Steampunk. Dreampunk. Fantasy. Fiction.

Deviant Machinations. We’re All Mad Here: Interactive Adventure.

Story Worlds. Worlds in Story.

Absinthe. Wonderland. Victorian Era. Cognitive Poetics. Character Connections. Themes of Alienation/”Irregular Struggles”.

Creative Encouragement for Irregular Minds.

Welcome to



Creative and practical encouragement for irregular minds in a regular world.

Odd. Strange. Unconventional.

Deviating from Normal Expectations. Curious. Questioning. ADHD. Anxiety. OCD. PTSD. Depression. Mental Health.

Self Discovery. The Meant to Be.

Authenticity. Connection. Brilliance. Our Stories.

Practical Encouragement for Irregular Minds.